DFRDB’s contribution rate is 5.5% of highest incremental salary for rank plus Service Allowance. Contributions are paid each fortnight to the Consolidated Revenue Fund. This contribution rate is for Australian Defence Force (ADF) members who enlisted before 1 October 1991 and re-entered recipients who did not transfer to MilitarySuper.

You cannot contribute to DFRDB after 40 years of effective service. A record of your salary for super purposes will be maintained so that when you leave the ADF your final DFRDB benefit is calculated on your final super salary.

Your super salary

It is the maximum incremental rate of pay for your substantive, provisional or probationary rank and includes some recognised ADF allowances.

Ancillary contributions

If you are a current DFRDB contributing member, you may also make voluntary superannuation contributions to MilitarySuper (not your DFRDB Scheme), known as ‘ancillary contributions’.

Ancillary contributions are:

Should you choose to make ancillary contributions to MilitarySuper, you do not become a MilitarySuper member but will receive an ancillary benefit in MilitarySuper due to your voluntary contributions.

Rules apply to use of tax file numbers; MilitarySuper cannot accept some contributions without your tax file number.

Visit MilitarySuper’s website to learn more about ancillary contributions.