Death benefit

Your DFRDB scheme not only provides you a retirement benefit, but also guarantees your eligible dependants or estate a benefit if you die. Eligibility criterion is set out in the DFRDB Act. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (trustee of DFRDB) determines if dependants satisfy criteria and therefore qualify for a benefit payment.

Dependants may also be entitled to claim benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) or Centrelink, in addition to your DFRDB Scheme.

Dependant eligibility differs if a member died in service or after retirement.

Please tell your dependants a DFRDB benefit can be paid in the event of your death.

Notify us of member death

If a family member who is a contributing member or pension recipient has died, please contact us by phone or post. We appreciate if you provide these details:

  • name of deceased
  • their reference number
  • their date of birth
  • your name and relationship to the deceased
  • contact details of estate executor
  • details of any possible dependants, including spouse and children.

Surviving spouse or children

Benefit application forms are outlined below. Please also provide:

  • marriage certificate
  • death certificate
  • tax file number of claimant
  • new bank account details
  • certified proof of identity documentation for claimant/s.

A benefit estimate cannot be provided until eligibility has been determined.