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Delays in Australian Public Service and Defence Force Pension Payments

Posted 9 July 2015 4:50pm

While the vast majority of payments have now been processed, there has been a problem today with pension payments.

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation apologises for any delay that has occurred.

A problem arose with the process by which funds were distributed by CSC’s bank to other financial institutions where pensioners have accounts.

Our bank has advised that they are completely focussed on having all payments processed to pensioner accounts as soon as possible. 

Most payments, particularly those to the major banks, have now been credited to accounts.  However, there is a chance that some payments may not be made to pensioners’ accounts until tonight.  Our bank is working to speed up the payments wherever possible.

Pensioners who believe they have been financially disadvantaged by the delay should firstly contact their financial institution to request the reversal of any charges prior to contacting CSC at

CSC will continue to review with the bank appropriate processes to minimise the risk of a recurrence.

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