If retired on invalidity grounds, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (trustee of DFRDB) will determine if you are entitled to an invalidity benefit.

If you are entitled, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation will also determine the percentage of your incapacity for your ability to perform civilian employment.

To determine eligibility, regard is taken for:

  • your vocational, trade and professional skills, qualifications and experience
  • the kinds of civilian employment which a person with those particular skills, qualifications and experience may reasonably undertake
  • the degree to which your physical or mental impairment that caused your invalidity retirement has diminished your capacity to undertake these kinds of civilian employment.

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation will classify your percentage of incapacity as:

  • Class A – 60% or more
  • Class B – 30% or more but less than 60%, or
  • Class C – less than 30%.