As trustee of DFRDB, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation must review all Class A and Class B invalidity classifications to determine any change in your impairment which caused your retirement on invalidity grounds.

Depending on the outcome of this review, your classification and level of invalidity benefit entitlement may change. If classified Class C at discharge, your classification and benefit are not subject to review.

Class A or B

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation may require you to undertake a medical examination and provide information about your possible employment. If you choose not to comply with this request, your pension may be suspended until you do.

If you are Class B (or classified Class C after a previous Class A or B classification), you can request an immediate classification review if you believe your impairment has become worse since your first classification or last review.

If so, please contact us to request your classification review.

You can also appeal any trustee decision regarding your scheme entitlements.