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Please note your Member Statement is a snap shot of your benefit at 30 June 2015. It does not take into account your 0.5% pay rise effective 12 March 2015 as this information was provided to DFRDB after your Member Statement was prepared. 

Having trouble viewing your online statement?

We recently emailed members about online statements. Some members may experience browser compatibility issues when trying to view their statement. If you are having trouble try copying and pasting the url from the emall we sent to you into the Google Chrome browser.


Separate services are provided to DFRDB members and pensioners. If you receive a pension, please use Pensioner Services Online.

Member Services Online is a secure area on the DFRDB site where you can:

  • project your potential final benefit using i-Estimator
  • view and print your Member Statement
  • update your address
  • change your Access Number.

Are you a first-time user?

You need your Access Number to login to your Member Services Online area. If you do not have one or misplaced it, please complete our Member enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Information Centre; a Customer Service Representative will provide your Access Number over the phone.

i-Estimator – calculate your benefit online

i-Estimator is an online calculator available in your Member Services Online area where you can project your potential final DFRDB retirement benefit.

Using i-Estimator, you always have an idea how much to expect in future.

Entry conditions

Continuing past this point means you certify that you: request information about your own record; understand that if you deliberately request information under false pretences, you may be guilty of an offence that may attract charges and penalties; and understand use of a public internet facility (public library or internet café) can mean your information may reside on that machine and subsequently be retrieved by others.

Windows Vista

Please note you may experience performance issues if using Windows Vista.

Pop-up blocker

Because Member Services Online opens in a separate browser, it may not show if your pop-up blocker is activated; either de-activate it or change your settings to enable DFRDB pop-ups. If you have any questions, please contact us in business hours.